Wind & Trees

This is the effect of the prevailing winds on our coastal trees. Here is a hawthorn tree just coming into leaf as the gorse in the foreground is in full flower.
Hawthorn Gorse
Here are a couple more trees right down by the coastal footpath near Knockbrex House.

Gorse and Blackthorn

This spring has been a very good one for the gorse blossom. It seems to be more abundant and brighter than in previous years.
Gorse at Corseyard

The coastal wind shapes some of the gorse into interesting shapes. Even a battered old bush like this one is still flowering profusely.
Gorse and Barnheugh

The Blackthorn has also been looking good. Hopefully this will give us a good crop of sloes later in the year. We are still enjoying the sloe gin that we made with last year’s sloes.
Blackthorn blossom