Moving In

Well, we made it into Craig Cottage before Christmas but it was a bit of a traumatic experience. The painters were still working as the removal people were bringing in furniture. A lot of the finishing work was rushed and will need to be touched up in the next few weeks but at least we are now relocated. We travelled down one day ahead of the movers and camped for the night on an inflatable mattress. We brought a few basics for beverages and breakfast but not enough equipment for cooking a meal. Our first meal in Craig Cottage was fish and chips from Polar Bites in Kirkcudbright, washed down with mugs of champagne.
Fish, chips and champagne
The kitchen is now fully functional and has so far made cheese rolls, mince pies, a sticky date cake and a batch of bread. We had a duck for Christmas dinner and it was cooked to perfection in the new oven.
Bread and Kitchen
We have unpacked most of our stuff for inside of the house but we’re not sure yet where everything will end up inside Craig Cottage. Some of our American furniture is too big and may eventually be replaced with more compact versions but it will be fine to get us settled in. Here’s Gabrielle in the lounge. The weather has been as wet as everywhere else in the U.K. recently and the garden is very waterlogged.
Lounge & mud
The guest accommodation is now available and waiting for the first test pilots. Book early to avoid disappointment!
Guest Bedroom
Here’s a view of the sun room/dining room. The patio slabs outside have not been laid yet but should be done in early January. We managed to bring a few heavy weight sinks and planters from Aberdeen and they are just parked outside the patio doors for now.
Sun Room
New Stove
We christened the new wood burning stove on Christmas Day and it works really well. The rook seems to have adapted quite well to its new location. We don’t have an Internet connection at the cottage yet so we are updating this from the bar of the Selkirk Arms in Kirkcudbright where they have excellent local beer and WiFi. We will post more photos and information soon.


We have just made our last visit to inspect the building progress at Craig Cottage before our one-way trip down from Aberdeen. The kitchen is now mostly installed but still needs the granite counter tops installing with the sink and hob. There are some cupboard doors and drawer fronts that needed replacing but they should be arriving this week.

The floor tiling is all done now but still needs grouting. The kitchen floor tiles are covered with a protective sheet while the rest of the kitchen installation is taking place.


The bathroom tiling is almost complete and the rest of the bathroom fittings should be installed this week. This is the en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom.



We managed to save the old inner doors from the back porch and they have now been re-installed into their original position. There are also some old coat-hooks from the original cottage that should be re-mounted on the inner hall wall just opposite the doors.





The fitted wardrobes are installed in two of the bedrooms and ready for painting. Just inside the front door is a coat cupboard which is really nice and warm as it also houses the under-floor heating manifolds. Here are the master bedroom wardrobes where the painters have just got started on undercoating the insides.

After leaving Aberdeen in heavy rain this morning it was a pleasant surprise to find relatively warm, sunny weather down at Craig Cottage. ¬†We had a wander round the garden as the sun was setting. Here’s the view from outside the sun room.

December sun illuminating the beach, lower garden and house.