Another Dry Stone Wall

The latest stonework project in the garden is the creation of a retaining wall at the top of the cliff in the lower section of the garden. This will hopefully avoid the soil from higher up washing down the cliff face into the lower section. Now the wall is in place we can start creating the bed along the bottom of the south-facing wall which will hopefully be a nice warm location for growing a few of the more tender plants.
Retaining Wall

May Paddling

A few pictures from a Sunday afternoon paddle along the coast with our friends Ray and Anne.

Ray and Anne paddling round the back of Little Pinnacle, about a mile south along the coast.
Little Pinnacle

We spotted this handsome chap watching us from the cliffs along the coast.
Rock Face

Anne wins the prize for prettiest boat with her very fancy Rockpool Alaw Bach with its glitter finish on the deck!
Anne Gabrielle