Pond Building

Pond foundations

Here’s the foundation for the new pond. It will have a plastic sheet pond liner on top of a few layers of padding and underlay. I used some old blankets followed by a layer of pond liner underlay to protect the liner from any sharp edges in the bottom of the pond. The blocks along the back will be below the water level and will support some beach rocks that will hide the edge of the liner against the cliff face.

Starting to fill the liner

The liner is in and starting to fill with water. This gets it settled down into all of the hollows and corners.

The liner has had an initial trim to tidy things up. You can see the underlay poking out from underneath the liner.

Trimming the liner

Starting to lay the stones over the liner to hide the edges. I used smaller pieces of liner under the stones to protect the main pond liner from the undersides of the stones.

Completed pond

The pond completed and filled with water. I transferred some pond weed and water from our other pond to get the pond environment started. Piles of stones have been added at each side of the pond to help the frogs, toads and newts discover the pond.

The pond pump is now installed and running but I still need to do a bit of work on organising the flow down the gully behind the pond.