Easter 2011

We had a full house for Easter. The extended Cooper family visited us and brought with them copious quantities of food, drink, gardening tools and enthusiasm. Large quantities of wood were chain-sawed into stove fuel, brambles and other invasive plants were strimmed, collected and burned and large rocks were hauled up from the beach to form a staircase down to the lower garden. After a damp start, the weather was kind to us and we enjoyed a few days of bright sunshine and warmth. Excursions were made along the shore and into the local towns to sample the scenery and some local produce, especially Cream o’ Galloway ice-cream.

Along the Coast

A walk eastwards along the coast from Kirkandrews. Dumfries & Galloway Council have designated a network of ‘core paths’ and one of them goes along the coast either side of Kirkandrews. The core path network is not finalised yet but there are new gates, stiles and bridges appearing along the lines of the proposed routes even though there may not be an obvious path on the ground.