More July Activities

Wine o’ Clock has been taking place most Friday evenings through the year but it’s good to be able to venture outdoors now that we have a taste of summer weather. There are still a few fleece jackets in evidence but some hardy souls are in short sleeves.

We had a trip to the deep south and one of the highlights was a visit to the amazing gardens at Great Dixter, near Hastings. Here are a couple of pictures of the riotous planting there:
Great Dixter gardens

Great Dixter garden & house

Kirkcudbright was visited by the Kelpies in July and August. These are models of the enormous ones that are installed near Falkirk but they fitted well with the scale of Kirkcudbright harbour.
Kelpies in Kirkcudbright

Following on from the wine-tasting in June, we had a seashore wildlife walk in July, led by local naturalist Jim Logan as another fund-raiser for Kirkandrews Kirk. Unfortunately the weather was atrocious on the day but a small band of hardy souls ventured out into Kirkandrews Bay and discovered a range of interesting shells and marine creatures. Here’s Jim identifying a specimen for Howard.
Seashore Walk

July in the Garden

The fruit patch started to produce in July. Here’s a selection of some of the goodies. We had good crops of gooseberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. The freezer will be busy for the rest of the year! Unfortunately we did not do very well with our vegetables this year. It was quite cold back in April when we planted seeds and many failed to germinate. We should have crops of the basics such as potatoes, onions and leeks though.
July Fruits
We also started to develop some more decorative beds in the middle section of the garden. It’s a bit more sheltered down there so we hope to be able to raise some plants that would not survive up at the top, windswept area of the garden. Here’s the first bed that we have dug out. The sycamore stumps that were in this area have mostly rotted away now so we should be able to get on with some planting soon. This area is heavily infested with persistent weeds such as couch grass, nettles and ground elder so it will require a lot of weeding until we have got them under control.
New bed in the middle garden