The Devil’s Bowling Green

A hike with Cathy and Ros, starting from Bruce’s Stone along the Buchan Ridge into the heart of the Galloway Hills. The walk started with a stiff climb up Buchan Hill, giving good views back down to Loch Trool.Loch Trool

We followed the Rig of Loch Enoch to Craig Neldricken where a short detour leads round to the “Grey Man of Merrick”, a rock outcrop resembling a face staring back down the valley.

We skirted around Craig Neldricken and Craignairy, heading for the Nick of the Dungeon, passing this little lochan with good views across to Benyellary, Merrick and Kirriereoch Hill.

Cathy and Ros with the Nick of the Dungeon and the Rhinns of Kells beyond.

From the Nick of the Dungeon we hiked up to the granite plateau of the Devil’s Bowling Green for a lunch stop. Craignaw is the hill in the background.

We headed down the slopes of Craignaw to skirt around the right side of Loch Neldricken then followed the long track down the valley past Loch Valley and along the Gairland Burn back to the head of Loch Trool.Loch Enoch