Calm day in Wigtown Bay

Here’s the view across the bay on Tuesday morning. Not really enough wind for sailing but very pleasant weather for enjoying the scenery.
Wigtown Bay
Wednesday update: We had visits from more sailing boats yesterday. Here are a couple of them sailing back out of the bay on Wednesday morning.
Wigtown Bay Boats

Saturday Flotilla

We got all of the kayaks out on Saturday when we had Gabrielle’s brother Phillip and our friend Ray visiting. First we paddled northwards into Castle Haven Bay then headed back southwards to play around in the rocks at Rumblekirn. Here’s Gabrielle and Phillip at Castle Haven.
Gabrielle & Phillip
At Rumblekirn we found a narrow gap in the rocks that was just wide enough to get through with the kayaks.
Rumblekirn Rocks
Here’s Ray heading through the gap the other way.
Ray at Rumblekirn

Sunset Paddling

It was a calm evening and the high tide was just before 10 p.m. so we set off for a sunset paddle around Barlocco Island. Here’s the view approaching Barlocco, with Cairnharrow in the background
Barlocco Sunset
On the far side of the island we saw two seals. They seemed quite interested in us too and came up for a look at us – here’s one of them inspecting Gabrielle’s kayak.
Inquisitive Seal
Another seal followed us as we paddled back from Barlocco towards Kirkandrews but it was getting a bit dark to get any photographs of it.
Kayak Sunset

Hare update

The young hares are a month old now and seem to be doing well. They have managed to avoid being eaten by the local stoats and foxes and appear to be quite content to live in our garden. They spend some time in our vegetable beds but seem to be more interested in eating the weed seedlings rather than the vegetable plants.
Young hares

Steve & Beth

We managed to intercept Steve and Beth on their return journey from the Isle of Skye. We were lucky to have some barbecue weather on Saturday evening and a fine morning on Sunday for a walk along the coast to visit the Coo Palace and the local beaches.
Steve & Beth