October Update

We’re heading into Autumn now and the trees have lost most of their leaves in the Craig Cottage garden. We planted our first crops in the greenhouse with a couple of rows of tatsoi and rocket which we hope will manage to put on some growth before it gets much colder. No, we didn’t know about tatsoi either but Gabrielle’s brother Jerry recommended it as something that will grow pretty much all through the year. Now that we have some grass rather than soil and mud around the house we have been able to install Gabrielle’s washing line. We planted the posts in some chunky concrete foundations so we hope that it will stand up to the fresh breezes blowing in off the Irish Sea. Here’s the inaugural flight of the washing, with enough wind to flex the posts slightly.
We have had some fairly impressive sunsets over the last few weeks so here is a small selection of them. Click on the pictures for a bigger version.
Sunset Sunset
Our boathouse shed also arrived this month. The two men who delivered the shed were not impressed when we showed them where we wanted it installing down at the bottom of the garden. They managed to call for additional strong men however and eventually managed to get all of the pieces down the field and over the wall into the garden.
Shed Installation
Kayak StackHere’s the shed in the final stages of installation with just the final piece of roofing felt to be installed. We managed to get all of the kayaks and a wind surfer into the shed but we still needed to make a few alterations so that we could stack the long kayaks one above the other and make better use of the space. It was a wild, wet and windy day when we were installing the brackets for the upper kayak and the rain was blowing right into the shed. We also installed some ladder hooks for holding the kayak paddles and the wind surfer mast. The next item on the list is to put some hooks in the roof so that we can suspend the windsurfer and get easier access to the two sit-on-top kayaks.
We’ve had some pretty rough weather during the last two weeks of October but we managed to get out for a paddle southwards along the coast one day when the wind was from the east and it was fairly sheltered along the west-facing coast. Even though it was not very choppy there were some quite large swells rolling in across Wigtown Bay which made for an interesting trip.