January 2016

After the storms of Christmas and the New Year we’ve had a fairly mild, quiet January with some memorable sunsets. Here’s a random set of pictures through the month so far.

The sun setting over Burrow Head at the end of the Whithorn peninsula.
Burrow Head

Looking up the estuary towards Kippford on a misty afternoon.

The sun setting across the bay from Castle Haven.
Castle Haven Sunset

Our crow sculpture getting its first taste of snow.
Snowy Crow

A dramatic sunrise over Kirkandrews.
Kirkandrews Sunrise

Betty on the beach
Betty on the beach


A few pictures from a visit to Kirroughtree Forest Park, near Newton Stewart, where there is a good selection of forest trails for walking and mountain biking.

This bridge carries the mountain bike trail over the walking trail as they approach the fancy new visitor centre. There’s a cafe, bike shop and showers for the muddy mountain bikers.
Bicycle Bridge

This bridge is where the footpath crosses the Bruntis Burn as it flows out of the Bruntis Loch. You can see the Gem Stane in the background on the left.

The “Gem Stane” is carved from a large block of rose quartz. It is one of the 7 Stanes sculptures at the mountain biking centres across southern Scotland. Each of the sculptures refers to a local feature or legend.
The Gem Stane

Cairnsmore of Fleet with a dusting of snow peeking out from under the clouds as we drove out from Kirroughtree.
Cairnsmore of Fleet