Smooth Walls

The building work continues but progress is slower than we would like. The walls are now all plastered and have a coat of white paint to seal them so we can get an impression of how the rooms will look. Here’s Gabrielle in the dining room; the original wood burner stove is behind her in the fireplace, ready for final installation. The doorway leads through to the master bedroom and bathroom. The window alcove on the left shows the thickness of the ‘Gypliner’ drywall insulation that has been added inside the original cottage walls to make it nice and cosy.

The water supply is now connected through into the utility room. It’s the blue pipe on the right of the picture. There will be a sink and the washer/dryer along that wall eventually, with fitted storage cupboards all along the opposite wall. The big silver pipes are the inlet and outlet for the heat-recovery ventilation system that is installed up in the roof space above the utility room. The pipes and the cables on the left will be connected to the air source heat pump which will hopefully be installed next week. The ceramic tiles for the bathrooms are also on site, stacked in the living room (above), so we hope to see some progress soon in the sanitary department.

There has not been a lot of change outdoors except for the installation of the foundations for the air source heat pump and the shed/wood store. The walls of the shed have been on site for a few months now so we are expecting to see them installed soon.


Plant Nursery

We have been taking cuttings of many of our favourite plants from the Turnamiddle House garden and we bring a few of them down to Craig Cottage on each visit. The nursery bed is filling up nicely now with hostas, geraniums and other assorted specimens.