Welcome to the Wining Wall

The wall feature is now finished and the grass is growing up around it. Our friend Mark from Magnolia, Texas had helped to build the wall while he was visiting in August and when he got home he made us a magnificent sign to put on the wall. (Click on the picture for a closer view) His wife, Susan, came up with the name of “Wining Wall” which we think will be very appropriate for its intended use.
The Wining Wall

Rock Pool Walk

The Galloway group of the Scottish Wildlife Trust organised a rock pool walk to take advantage of the recent very low tides. We met near Carrick, opposite Ardwall Island and ventured out across the sand (and mud) to the rock pools alongside Ardwall Island. Nic Coombey from the Solway Firth Partnership was leading the walk and introduced us to many different inhabitants of the beach and rock pools.

The view southwards across the sands from the approach to Ardwall Island.
Ardwall Beach

Nic Coombey addressing the assembled group on the way across the sands.
Nic Coombey and the group

We found a lot of different kinds of crabs, sea urchins, anemones, starfish and many molluscs. Here’s a brittle star that Gabrielle found.
Brittle Star

This orange sea slug was lurking on the sand as we returned to the mainland.
Sea Slug

We were treated to a fine sunset on the way back from Ardwall Island.