Paddling down the Dee

We had a good kayaking session down the River Dee past Threave Castle with the Kirkcudbright Canoe Club.

There was a good turnout for the event with around 30 assorted kayaks out on the river. There was a bit of extra excitement at the end of the trip with a short section of rapids where the river passes under the A75 road bridge which I unfortunately failed to capture photographically.

Paddling Again

The view out from Duncan’s Cave

We had some mid-day high tides and good weather in the middle of May so we managed to get out for a paddle along the coast with our friends Anna and Rob.

Gabrielle heading round the back of Little Pinnacle
Anna and Rob emerging from behind Little Pinnacle

The calm seas enabled us to see a couple of porpoises but they were too far away to get a photograph.

New Year’s Day

It was cool but calm and sunny on New Year’s Day so we went for a paddle over to the Murray Isles. There were a few seals hanging around the islands but they are elusive to photograph. Here’s one disappearing underwater just beyond the stern of Gabrielle’s kayak.

The weather stayed calm for the rest of the day and we had a pretty sunset at Castle Haven Bay.

Galloway Beagle Bash

A number of our skiing friends from “Team Beagle” came to visit in September to sample the delights of sunny Galloway. Outdoor activities included kayaking, swimming, walking and cycling. Local history and culture was encountered in Kirkandrews and Kirkcudbright. The Craig Cottage blackcurrant gin was sampled along with a few other tasty beverages and a stroll along to the local Wine o’ Clock session.

Calm November

November has been remarkably calm this year. We awoke on Sunday morning to find the sea flat calm and we could see a fairly large object floating off the end of Kirkandrews Bay. The tide was high so we got out the kayaks to take a look and go for a quick trip around Barlocco Island. The mystery object turned out to be a big floating log.
Kayak and Log
Cruising through calm water with the Isle of Whithorn in the background.
Kayak Reflections
There was low cloud down over the hills but no wind as we went round the far side of Barlocco Island and past Ardwall Island.
Kayaking past Ardwall Island

Flotilla of Kayaks

We had a house full of visitors one weekend in August and it was a good opportunity to get out the whole fleet of kayaks for a paddle around the bay.
Stephen and Harvey in the double kayak along with a small flock of gulls.
Stephen and Harvey

Gabrielle with Philip and a very pregnant Laura paddling along the coast towards Corseyard.
Gabrielle, Philip and Laura

Philip in among the rocks at Rumblekirn.
Philip at Rumblekirn

May Paddling

A few pictures from a Sunday afternoon paddle along the coast with our friends Ray and Anne.

Ray and Anne paddling round the back of Little Pinnacle, about a mile south along the coast.
Little Pinnacle

We spotted this handsome chap watching us from the cliffs along the coast.
Rock Face

Anne wins the prize for prettiest boat with her very fancy Rockpool Alaw Bach with its glitter finish on the deck!
Anne Gabrielle

Dog Paddle

We got a new double sit-on-top kayak to give us a bit more flexibility for taking guests out on the water. We tried it out with Betty the dog and she seemed to enjoy a short trip around the bay. Here’re Gabrielle and Betty, all suited up and ready to set off.
Ready to Paddle

Betty seemed to settle down quite well in the middle of the kayak as we took a trip around Kirkandrews Bay.
Out in the Bay

Safely back to the shore and having much more fun playing with a stick.
Betty and the new kayak