Late February

We have got the bird feeders fully up and running now and have quite a lot of regular visitors. Here are the goldfinches working on the Nyger seeds.
We also have a group of pheasants who are regular visitors. There’s one male and a group of three light coloured females who make regular visits to the feeding station
We had a visit from our friends Elaine and David from Aberdeen and the weather and tides were suitable for getting out the kayaks even though it was still quite chilly. Here’s David negotiating the natural arch at Rumblekirn.
David at Rumblekirn
We have had dry, clear weather for the last two weeks and everything is drying out nicely. It’s good not to be treading mud everywhere now. There have been some really clear moonlit nights with a full moon earlier in the week. This is the moon rising over Borgue.

Paddling Again

I suppose we’ve had fairly typical January weather with a good mix of sunshine, rain and wind. There’s been very little snow down to sea level but we have had some fairly strong winds blowing in off the Irish Sea. Our latest find of fish boxes down on the beach included specimens from Holland and Brittany. Every evening brings a different vista across Wigtown Bay. Here is the view a few days ago as the sun struggled through between multiple cloud layers.
Last weekend we had high tide in the late afternoon along with some calm weather so we launched the kayaks for a paddle round Barlocco Island. It was flat calm in Kirkandrews Bay but we did find a few waves and a bit of swell as we rounded the west side of Barlocco. We saw an otter just behind where Gabrielle is paddling then a few minutes later a huge seal surfaced between our kayaks. I was facing the other way so I didn’t see it but Gabrielle assures me that it was a large specimen. We’ll have to make a return visit with the camera at the ready.
Saturday and Sunday were the clearest days we’ve had since we moved into Craig Cottage. We could see the Isle of Man clearly for the whole weekend. This is the Isle of Man off in the distance behind a collection of pointy rocks just up the coast from Kirkandrews.
IMG_3832 - Version 2
By the time we returned to base, the sun was well on the way to setting and we enjoyed the best sunset of the year so far: