Low Tides

We’ve had some spring tides this week, giving us some very high and very low tide levels. Some local ferry services to be re-scheduled because the boats could not get to the slipways.
IMG_3941Around Craig Cottage we have seen some new sections of coast exposed.

Here’s Gabrielle on an evening stroll down in the low tide zone checking out some ripples in the sand. We walked round into Castle Haven Bay where the boat moorings were high and dry.


This almost looks like a tropical beach scene – until you notice the snow patches still lingering on the hillside on the left!

IMG_3944 - 2

It’s a white Hell out there!

We’ve had a couple of days of interesting weather. It snowed very heavy wet snow on Friday and our electricity supply was coming and going every few minutes. We managed to drive into Kirkcudbright for some supplies around noon but the snow was drifting as we returned to Craig Cottage. At 4 o’ clock in the afternoon the electricity supply shut down completely so we lit the wood burning stove and got out the candles. Luckily, our cooker runs on bottled gas so Gabrielle was able to cook us a candlelight dinner.

Wood stove and candles

Tricky to get in through the front door!The wind was driving the snow from the east side so it backed up against the main door. Fortunately the side door out from the utility room was clear and we could get out to start moving some snow.

Snow shovellingHere’s Gabrielle working her way through the snow drift blocking our gateway.

IMG_3925We went for a walk across the fields. The wind had plastered everything with a coating of snow. This is a tree near Corseyard with Barlocco Island in the background.

IMG_5038 Here’s the gate at Corseyard with the ‘Coo Palace’ hiding behind the tree in the background.

Activity at the bird tablesThe birds were having a tough time. We put out extra seeds and attracted some skylarks and siskins as well as the usual complement of chaffinches, blackbirds, goldfinches, greenfinches, tits and robins. The electricity supply was re-connected at 6 p.m. on Saturday just as we were preparing for another night of wood stove and candles.

IMG_3933Sunday was much sunnier but the wind was even stronger. Daytime temperatures were above freezing and a lot of the snow melted from around the house. Our local farmer helped us out by ploughing the snow from our track so that we could get a car out to check out the local area.

Chapelton Row on the way back from BorgueThe snow had been drifting very deep in a few places and some local roads were still blocked. This is the road through Chapelton Row, between Kirkandrews and Borgue.

Fruit Bushes

We planted out our fruit bushes last weekend. We have 3 varieties of raspberry, 2 redcurrants, 2 blackcurrants, 2 blueberries, 2 gooseberries, a jostaberry and a tayberry. We won’t get any fruit this year but we will be feeding up the plants to get them ready for a good crop in 2014.

Walls and Patio

We have had the builders on site again, finishing off some of the outside features. The dry stone wall on the east side of the house has been re-built and we now have a patio in front of the sun room and living room.
Wall foundations
The finished article
The small wall with the opening for the path to the lower garden
Laying the patio
Not the best weather for working on the patio!
All finished and waiting for the mortar to dry.