Garden progress – May 2014

We are starting to make a bit more progress in the garden and have now cleared some more beds for planting vegetables and decorative plants. We stocked up with a few more plants at the Kirkcudbright Plant Fair in early May and planted some of them out in a new bed by the greenhouse.
Greenhouse bed
We have also cleared out a bed along the side of the top section of the garden where it should get some shelter from the existing hedging but also plenty of light. This is now home to a buddleia, a geranium and some lupins which we brought from Aberdeen as well as a few new acquisitions
Top garden bed
Down in the lower garden we have cleared out a couple of beds for vegetables. We have planted them up with potatoes, beans, peas, onions, garlic, beetroot, parsnips, broccoli and kale so far but we are having a bit of a battle with rabbits, especially with the brassicas.
Lower veggie bed

Maltese Wedding

We had a very enjoyable trip down to Malta to celebrate the wedding of Gabrielle’s nephew Joe to Debbie who is from Malta. Debbie’s family treated us to vast amounts of tasty local food and abundant hospitality.
Here are the newly-wedded couple and their parents in the church.
At the church
Leaving the church in a classic Daimler Princess car.
Wedding car
We also managed to get around Malta to see some of the history and scenic sites including a day trip for a sea-kayaking session on the north coast of Gozo.
Gozo Kayaking
A panorama of the Grand Harbour from Valetta.
Grand Harbour, Malta

Hares in the Garden

In early May we had some new arrivals in the Craig Cottage garden. A hare gave birth to two leverets in our newly-planted hedging plants. Here she is attending to the new arrivals who are hidden down in the grass.
Hare delivery
The mother hare leaves the young ones alone hidden in a hollow in the grass most of the time and just visits once or twice a day to feed them at dawn or dusk. This is the first clear view we got of them.