The builders are now active on site and have been building up the foundations. Some of them are now up to the new floor level so we can get a better idea of how the new building will sit on the site. Here are Gabrielle and Graeme the architect inspecting the progress so far.Foundations and steel work

Foundations and steel work

The foundations are now almost up to the new internal floor height and the steel work is in place for the living room windows, the sun room windows and the garage door.

Garage entrance

Garage entrance

This is the view from the garage end. The ground level inside the building still needs to be lowered by about a metre to get it low enough to pour the concrete slab floors.

Big pile of soil and stones

Soil and stones excavated from the footings and foundations

The demolition and excavations for the footings and foundations created huge piles of soil and stones. The stones on the left were mainly from the dry stone walls and some will be used to re-build walls around the  garage end of the building. Some of the big pile on the right will be used for back-filling and adjusting ground levels around the site.

Site facilitiesHere are the on-site facilities. We liked the name of the suppliers – very appropriate for our location.

Site facilities


Foundations and concrete blocks

The footings for the foundations have been poured

Here’s a picture of the concrete footings for the building extensions. The concrete blocks are on site ready for building the foundation walls. The steel work for the large window and door openings should also be going up this week.