Flotilla of Kayaks

We had a house full of visitors one weekend in August and it was a good opportunity to get out the whole fleet of kayaks for a paddle around the bay.
Stephen and Harvey in the double kayak along with a small flock of gulls.
Stephen and Harvey

Gabrielle with Philip and a very pregnant Laura paddling along the coast towards Corseyard.
Gabrielle, Philip and Laura

Philip in among the rocks at Rumblekirn.
Philip at Rumblekirn

August in the Garden

After a couple of years, some of the plants are getting quite well established. The Inula hookeri is turning into a bit of a thug and is taking over the end of one of the beds. Here are a couple of pictures of the flowers. This is the bud as it opens.
Inula hookeri bud

And here’s the flower fully open.
Inula hookeri

The rockery bed is filling out nicely and we’ll have to start thinking about moving and thinning out a few plants next year.
Rockery Bed

Down in the lower garden the steep slope that was infested with nettles and brambles has been dug over and contained between some dry stone walls. The upper wall is still being worked on but we have finally been able to plant out a few plants that have been sitting around in pots since we brought them down from Aberdeen.
Lower Garden