Garden Steps

With all of the wet weather that we have had through January, the path down a steep grass slope to the lower garden was getting very slippery so we recycled some of the old cottage rafters to make the risers for a set of steps. Here they are after the initial installation. We initially used some shells from the beach for the flat sections but the moles keep tunnelling up through them so I think we’ll need to dig them out some more and insert a layer of rocks.
The original beach steps
Last year we constructed some steps to lead from the garden down to the beach but they were floated away by the high tides at the beginning of January. Luckily we managed to retrieve them from further up the bay and have now relocated them to a new position higher up the garden alongside the fruit bushes. The high tide in the background is the one at the end of January.
Original beach steps

February Flowers

It was wild, wet and windy right through January but it’s not been very cold and the plants are starting to grow. Our lower garden has a good crop of snowdrops and the daffodils are starting to show. Here are the snowdrops catching a bit of morning sunshine.
Inside the house, the Amaryllis bulbs are doing their stuff. Here are a few pictures of the first one to come into flower. It produced two stalks, one with 6 flowers and one with 4 flowers.
Amaryllis openingLiving room plantsAmaryllis flowers
We survived the last session of high tides at the end of January and it’s all looking a lot more peaceful down on the beach now although we still have a couple more months of winter weather to come. Calm seas