Hosta Time

The Hostas and the rest of the plants in our shady area by the front door are growing well this year although they did suffer from the attentions of the slugs and snails despite a treatment with nematodes and the new eco-friendly slug pellets.


Yes, it’s rhubarb time again. Here are a rhubarb cobbler and a rhubarb crumble, fresh from the oven – yum! The big pan at the back is making rhubarb and ginger jam.
Rhubarb cobbler and crumble

Here’s the cobbler, ready for some cream and/or ice cream.
Rhubarb cobbler


It was cloudy for the solar eclipse but the cloud was just thin enough to allow it to be viewed without special glasses or pinhole devices.
You may need to click on the image below to expand the size to see the eclipse in this wider-angle view.


Today was a windy one. We lost power last night due to some nearby trees interfering with the electricity supply. It was fixed around 11 p.m. This morning it went out again and seemed to be affecting a wider area. During the day the wind speed increased and we were showing gusts of around 60 m.p.h. in the early afternoon. The power has just come back on around 3 p.m. Here’s our weather station console this morning showing 56 m.p.h. wind and giving us some advice:
Weather Station