Wall Feature

At the Scottish Garden Show near Edinburgh in June we were impressed by a dry stone wall garden seat installation created by Nigel Bialy. We still have a large pile of assorted stone and rubble left over from our house building so we decided to have a go at building our own version of Nigel’s wall feature. Here’s the display wall that we saw at the show:
Nigel Bialy Wall Feature

The next few pictures show the progress over the last couple of months. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

The initial rock pile with rocks from a dry stone wall round the old cottage and the remains of the old lean-to kitchen.
The initial rock pile

Starting the wall foundations with some of the larger rocks.

Lower layers in place, setting out the walls and a small planting bed on the sheltered side. Using lots of old mortar and bricks to fill in spaces in the middle of the wall.
Starting to build some height

First seat in place – looking out to sea. The wood beams are the original window lintels from the cottage.
First Seat Installed

Much appreciated help from Mark and Betty.
Help from Mark and Betty

Second seat in place (on the right), facing the house.
Second Seat Installed

Latest update – wine bottle storage alcove installed behind the seat.
25 August

Borgue Flower Show

This year was the 150th anniversary of the Borgue Flower Show. There were over 200 classes for prizes this year for flowers, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, preserves and various arts and crafts. As usual, we left our preparations until the last minute but Gabrielle managed to assemble enough items to enter 8 different classes and we got our entries to the show with just a few minutes to spare before the 09:30 deadline.
Borgue Flower Show

Gabrielle won two first prizes, for rhubarb stalks and for oat and raisin cookies, two second prizes, for Crocosmia flowers and bread and two third prizes, for marmalade and blackcurrant jam. Here is Gabrielle in Borgue Church discovering her first prize for the rhubarb.
Gabrielle's prize-winning rhubarb

Our friends Susan and Mark from Houston were visiting and helped us celebrate by drinking our prize money in the Borgue Hotel after the show.
Susan and Mark at the Flower Show