More Slates and Cladding

Slating is progressing but there have been a few delays for the occasional torrential rain showers. The roof is nearing completion and looking rather good.

Garage Roof

Lots of shiny new slates and the zinc roof over the main door

Big yellow tractor

Cedar cladding, the zinc sun room roof and bedroom brickwork ready for harling

Garage Door

The garage door

All of the brickwork is now complete around the master bedroom, the new porch and the back side of the kitchen. The rough brick surfaces will now be covered with a smooth harl and finally painted to match the painted stonework of the original cottage. The cedar cladding is also nearing completion and just waiting for some final rain flashing around the bathroom window before the last cladding can be installed. The garage door is installed and the house can now be locked up although there are still some swallows flying in and out through the gap above the sun room windows. Inside the house, the under-floor insulation is in place and we are getting ready to lay the pipes for the underfloor heating. You can see the underfloor heating schematic on the plans page.


The roof is getting its slates attached. This is how it looked earlier this week. Just in time before the next band of heavy rain arrives. Thanks to Graeme, our architect, for the picture. We will be on site again this weekend for a full update on progress.

Slates and sun room roofing

New slates and sun room roofing