Borgue Flower Show

Last weekend was the occasion of the Borgue Flower Show. This is just about as exciting as it gets out here in the sticks when all of the local residents compete for big prize money in categories ranging from “Four Pompom Dahlias” to “Three Decorated Cupcakes”. We didn’t have our fruit and vegetable production up and running this year but Gabrielle entered four items in the Home Industries categories. The entry fee is 10 pence per item plus £1 for membership of the Horticultural Society so we had an investment of £1.40 in this venture.


This is the scene in Borgue Church where the vegetables, preserves and home baking were displayed. There are some big onions on display up there!

Gabrielle scooped first prizes for her cookies and marmalade. You can email her privately and ask how many entries there were in each class. She also was awarded prizes for her bread and blackcurrant jam.


Here’s Gabrielle picking up her £2.70 prize money. (That’s around $4.00 to our U.S. friends). She immediately cashed in the proceedings on buying some items from the plant sales.