We had a few frosty days in late November. Not enough to do any serious damage to the garden plants but hopefully enough to kill off some of the bugs ready for next year. We used this picture of a fallen sycamore leaf for our Christmas card.
Frosty Sycamore
The crow sculpture is looking a bit chilly on top of the Wining Wall. Maybe mulled wine would be more appropriate?
Frosty Wining Wall

Calm November

November has been remarkably calm this year. We awoke on Sunday morning to find the sea flat calm and we could see a fairly large object floating off the end of Kirkandrews Bay. The tide was high so we got out the kayaks to take a look and go for a quick trip around Barlocco Island. The mystery object turned out to be a big floating log.
Kayak and Log
Cruising through calm water with the Isle of Whithorn in the background.
Kayak Reflections
There was low cloud down over the hills but no wind as we went round the far side of Barlocco Island and past Ardwall Island.
Kayaking past Ardwall Island