Raider’s Road

The Galloway Forest Park has a couple of forest roads that are open to cars in the summer months. We took a trip along the “Raider’s Road” in September. It goes for about 10 miles from near Mossdale/Loch Ken through the Galloway Forest to emerge near Clatteringshaws Loch and visitor centre. There are a number of places to stop off and take a walk or enjoy the views. At Stroan Loch, there is a viaduct from the disused railway line that used to run from Castle Douglas to Portpatrick and Stranraer. Here’s a picture looking through the viaduct towards Stroan Loch and Cairn Edward Hill
Stroan Viaduct

A wider view of the loch with Cairnsmore of Dee in the background.
Stroan Loch

Further along the road is the “Otter Pool”, where the Black Water of Dee flows over a series of granite ledges. A good place for a lunch stop.
Otter Pool Lunch
Here’s the otter, keeping an eye on the pool.
Otter Pool

Close to the Otter Pool, we found quite a few specimens of this large, black fungus. We think it was probably Craterellus cornucopioides
Black Fungus

There is a set of Rosnes Benches near the Otter Pool. Here are Gabrielle and Betty, trying out one of them.
Rosnes Bench

Close to the western end of the Raider’s Road there is an earthwork called “the Labyrinth”. It’s about 50 feet in diameter and consists of a winding path leading to a central point where it looks like there used to be some kind of fountain or water feature that fed into the channels between the raised walkways.

September Miscellany

Through the summer, we have been having regular visits from a sparrow hawk. Here he/she is, perched on the garden fence waiting for breakfast.
A spider web showing off some fresh raindrops from a passing shower.
Spider Web
As summer draws to a close we are starting to get some stronger winds blowing in from the south-west. Here are a few waves rolling into Dead Man’s Bay.
Waves at Dead Man's Bay
The wind and waves bring in plenty of assorted debris from the sea. It’s mostly various kinds of plastic bottles and containers along with bits of nets, rope and other items lost or discarded from fishing boats. We fill a few bags with this stuff a couple of times year from the local beaches.
Beach cleanup