Last weekend was wild, wet and windy but we did manage to get out and explore the local coastline along with Pauline and Rob who were visiting for the weekend. At low tide, we scrambled along the edge of Kirkandrews Bay and round Meggerland Point. The recent windy weather had blown in a nice white plastic fish box, presumably lost from a local trawler, so we noted its position for future retrieval to join our collection of fish boxes that we use for a temporary vegetable garden.

The fish box garden

Fish Box Garden

A little further round the coast we came to an area known as Rumblekirn. The wave erosion here has created some deep gullies and an archway in the cliffs at sea level. It should be impressive at high tide when the sea is crashing around. We found a nice little scrambling route just to the left of the arch and sent Rob up it to check for loose rock and other dangers.

We completed the circuit back to the cottage going up to the cairn on top of Barn Heugh for a panoramic view up the coast and across Wigtown Bay. The wind made for some interesting hair formations.