Pup Update

The pup is growing rapidly and generally behaving very well. Around 10 p.m. each evening she takes herself to bed and sleeps through until around 8 o’ clock in the morning, usually allowing us to have a peaceful, uninterrupted breakfast.
Betty on the garden bench
Here she is testing out our new garden bench.
Betty watching the kayaking action
Watching the activity going on down on the beach.
Betty in the kayak
First foray out on the water in a kayak – only a few feet from the shore. We now know that she can swim very well but we have borrowed a doggy buoyancy aid for her if she wants to go on any future expeditions.

Family Visitors

August has been a busy month for family visitors. First we had Pauline and Katie for a few days and here they are helping us lift the first batch of potatoes.
Pauline and Katie
Next it was Trina, Richard, Caitlyn and Georgia who came for a long weekend. It was a bit wild and windy but we managed to get out for a few local walks and the girls enjoyed a session at the Cream o’ Galloway ice cream factory and activity centre.
Slippery rocks
Trina and Caitlyn appreciating a wild and windy day at Kirkandrews Bay with Richard and Georgia off in the distance.
Georgia and Caitlyn
Here are Georgia and Caitlyn posing on top of the big granite erratic boulder by the beach at the bottom of the field.

Caitlyn balancing
Caitlyn performing a gravity-defying act of balance on one of the rock outcrops.
On the Sunday we were also joined by Kellie, Paul, Morgan, Zoe and Scott and a large quantity of Chinese food was consumed.
Chinese Food Time
The following weekend we had Miriam, Phillip, Stephen and Harvey to stay and enjoyed some much better weather so we were able to get out in the kayaks between more sessions at Cream o’ Galloway for Harvey.
Skimming stones at sunsetSkimming stones in Kirkandrews Bay at sunset.
Harvey kayaking
Harvey kayaking with the Isle of Man in the background.
Stephen & Phil kayaking
Stephen and Phillip at Rumblekirn on Sunday afternoon enjoying some quite bumpy seas.
Stephen kayaking
Stephen found an interesting little channel through the rocks as the tide was falling.


We get fairly regular visits from Betty’s mother who is called Figgis. This usually results in a lot of frantic running around the garden and barking, especially from the dogs. Here she is in one of her calmer moments, along with Gabrielle, Phillip and Betty.

Betty the Border Terrier

We have a new arrival at Craig Cottage. She’s called Betty and is a 9-week old border terrier. This web site will probably be hijacked with photos of her for a while. Here is the first selection:
Betty1Just arrived – looking a bit nervous.
IMG_5853Getting comfy in the dog bed.
IMG_5862A bit late for the World Cup but showing some promise.
IMG_5867Just after falling into the garden pond.
IMG_5870First foray into the sea.
IMG_5880Guarding the greenhouse.