November Paddling

After a wild, wet and windy October, we finally had some calm, sunny weather in early November. The tides were not very high but we dragged the kayaks down the beach to the sea and made a couple of trips south and north from Kirkandrews Bay.

On the southerly trip we paddled a couple of miles south down to Ringdoo Point and investigated the caves and pinnacles along the coast. The cliffs get quite high down there and there are some very impressive geological features which probably deserve a more detailed description when we can lure a structural geologist out in a kayak to provide the relevant information. The sea was fairly calm but there was a swell that made for some interesting currents washing around the narrow gaps and pinnacles.

The following day was even calmer and we headed northwards round Barlocco Island, following the lobster boat from Kirkandrews. On the way to the island we got a good look at an otter heading for the shore at Corseyard Point with a lobster in its mouth. On the far side of Barlocco Island we saw two more otters  having a splash around before they spotted us and disappeared into the rocky shore. The calm seas lured us further afield and we crossed over to Ardwall Island to extend the trip a little before heading back into the sun towards Kirkandrews.