Today was a windy one. We lost power last night due to some nearby trees interfering with the electricity supply. It was fixed around 11 p.m. This morning it went out again and seemed to be affecting a wider area. During the day the wind speed increased and we were showing gusts of around 60 m.p.h. in the early afternoon. The power has just come back on around 3 p.m. Here’s our weather station console this morning showing 56 m.p.h. wind and giving us some advice:
Weather Station

Sunday Times

It’s a long story – but the Sunday Times wanted to feature us in a small article about people who had discovered forgotten pension funds. A reporter phoned Gabrielle to talk about recovering a pension from when she used to work in local government back in the 1980s. We were asked to send in a photograph and we sent one of Gabrielle and Betty the dog taken on Christmas day (see Winter Walks post below). A few minutes later we had a call back from the Sunday Times, asking if they could send a photographer over to take some more pictures. We can only assume that they saw the possibility of some cute dog photographs. Mark Pinder, the photographer, arrived a few hours later and had us posing down in the garden and on the beach for some pictures just before it went dark. Here are some of the results. The first photo is the one that was used in the article on the front page of the Sunday Time “Money” section. All photographs © Mark Pinder
Sunday Times 1. Photo © Mark Pinder
Sunday Times 2. Photo © Mark Pinder
Sunday Times 3. Photo © Mark Pinder

Winter Walks

We have been having some fairly severe wind and rain since the new year began but we have also had some bright, sunny days when we were able to get out and enjoy the local countryside. Here’s a selection of pictures from the last few walks.
Carrick BeachThe beach at Carrick in mid-December where we met a pack of Border Terriers for a session of mayhem.

Christmas MorningChristmas Day on top of Knockbrex hill

Misty treesWe had a walk along the shore of Kirkcudbright Bay through Senwick Woods in late December and this was the scene as we returned along the road to our car as some mist came in from the sea. Picture taken on Gabrielle’s iPhone.

Late December sunsetThis was the last sunset that we saw in 2014, on 30th December. On the 31st it was cloudy and raining but it did not stop us celebrating with a few friends.

Walking near GatehouseOur first walk of the new year was a circuit up to the moors near Gatehouse of Fleet. On the return back towards Lagg farm there were a few trees that had been brought down by the stormy weather.

Another sunset
Looking down to Craig Cottage from near Braeview across the road.

Sunset and showerThe sun sets as another shower sweeps in from the Irish Sea on 10th January.

Mossy TreeA mossy tree in Cally Woods last weekend.

Galloway Walls

The dry stone walls (dykes) in the parts of Galloway that are underlain by granite rocks are very distinctive. They are built from very rounded rocks and boulders that seem to be precariously balanced but in reality are surprisingly stable. In the examples below, there is a lower section of wall that is constructed from smaller stones in the normal dry-stone style, with two opposite faces stabilised by smaller stones in the middle. The top section of the wall is composed of a single thickness of larger rocks, strategically balanced and wedged. You can see through the wall in many places and it is thought that this discourages the sheep and cows from trying to climb over the walls.

Granite dyke

Granite dyke